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This revolutionary system will guarantee results with your Class II and Class III orthodontic cases. The CS4® Niti springs are a DynaFlex® exclusive, utilizing a patented, instant force (350 grams), closed coil spring and a specially built “key-hole” end which fits over our traditional or SL patented pivot. The new CS4® spring will load force instantly and remain extremely consistent throughout treatment. The benefit is a smoother, more constant force that performs better and lasts longer.

The Allen Pencil is “charged” using an exclusive rare earth magnet. Once charged, it then uses magnetic forces to latch onto the screw. The screw is easily retrievable out of the kit and remains on the Allen Pencil for placement and tightening within the patients mouth. The CS4® system is one of the most successful Class II and Class III chairside appliances used in the world due to its simplicity, effectiveness and value pricing as compared to other systems available today..

5-Patient Kit Includes:
• 10-CS4 NiTi Springs
• 20-Traditional Pivots (Choose between .018 & .022 below)
• 20-Hybrid Screws
• Allen Pencil
• CS Magnet For Allen Pencil

CS4 5-Patient Kit (Traditional)

SKU: 39-1807-5M
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