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The HYBRID HSDC® system is an orthodontic method, conceived under the suggestion of Dr. Daniel Celli which combines brackets with .020” and .022” dual slot size.
It optimizes biomechanics, both in extraction or non-extraction cases, thus managing friction and maintaining control of anterior teeth. Treatment time is considerably reduced with more predictable results Anterior brackets have a slot of .020” while cuspid and bicuspid brackets have a slot of .022”: this dual slot size thereby gets full advantage of the low friction in the early stages of treatment and effective torque control during en-masse retraction of the anterior teeth. HSDC® brackets are now all twin conventional brackets which allow the change
of friction delivery depending on the use of low-friction SLIDE ligatures, either conventional or metal, optimizing the sequence of archwires according to malocclusion and therapeutic phase.
The vertical slot .020”x.020” on cuspid and bicuspid brackets allows the use of uprighting springs, very useful in the management of anchorage and biomechanical control.
Packs of 10
Courtesy of Dr. D. Celli

Hybrid HSDC® system

SKU: F4020-xx
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