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RAGNO FAN-TYPE RAPID EXPANDER AND MINI RAPID EXPANDER(patented) Conceived with the cooperation of Dr. Eleonora Schellino and Prof. Remo Modica Made entirely of biomedical stainless steel. The expanding arms are laser welded to the screw body. Laser engraved directional arrows on the MIM® body. It is a device for the rapid expansion of the palate that allows you to get a widening of the single anterior sector of the maxillary arch, still maintaining the expansion at the molar level. It self-deactivates when maximum expansion capacity has been achieved preventing from overtreatment. The difference between the two models is the geometric shape of the front part: A0625-07 is designed to be able to place the screw as high as possible in the palate trying to determine the minimum encumbrance. The overall size is approximately 20-25% mm less than those of the 9 mm version. Provided with one swivel key with handle and instructions for use to facilitate the patient endoral activation. The arm bending and self-locking instruments P0625-09 for expander A0625-09 and P0625-07 for A0625-07 mini expander (page 25) are also available. Packs of 1

Fan Type Mini Ragno Screw

SKU: A0625-07
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