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OPEN is a new elastodontic appliance from the A.M.C.O.P. Bio-Activators line, indicated for the treatment of dental arches with skeletal malocclusion, of the anterior open bite type (Open Bite); which has as its determining cause, atypical swallowing habits and a specific skeletal craniomandibular imbalance. The appliance must be prescribed by the orthodontist after a correct diagnosis for a proper planning of the treatment to be performed. It should be noted that this appliance replaces the application of clamps on Class I A.M.C.O.P. Bio-Activators. The appliance is designed with an occlusal guide suitable for different types of arch form. For functional tongue training, as with the A.M.C.O.P. Bio-Activators, there is a button in the plantar area, at the palatine spot (upper retroincisive palatine area).

45MM - 65MM

AMCOP OPEN 45-65mm Azure

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