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F1000 brackets are designed to meet the most sophisticated biomechanical requirements and enable easy clinical management,
avoiding the well-known inconveniences of other self-ligating systems.
F1000 brackets provide all advantages of the most recent clinical scientific evidences on low friction and on the application of light
forces reducing treatment time for greater comfort and patient compliance.
F1000 brackets are available with torque and angulation values according to Dr. Damon’s super torque, standard and Roth system.
A patented self-ligating mechanism features a sliding cover to the slot, which frees wire movement in the slot and thereby gets full
biomechanical advantages. In addition, the design of the tie wings allows for the application of conventional elastic or metallic ligatures,
elastic chains or wires making the management of friction and anchorage possible, to get the best biomechanical control.
The sliding mechanism covers the slot on the whole mesio-distal width of the bracket: differently from other self-ligating systems, it enables a good control of rotation even with the application of light wires in a low friction environment. The unique circular design of the central area of the slot results in a lower contact with the wire that further minimizes friction, while maintaining a full biomechanical control.

F1000 Self ligating brackets

SKU: F-104x-xx
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