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The upper screws are specifically designed to get a thrust on the lower inclined plane of the unit: the protrusive anterior portion is a metallic body perfectly angulated at 70°, while the back portion ensures extensive retention capacity for the acrylic to avoid breakage. 

The screw mechanism has an in-built stop that gives perfect friction and stability during the movement of lower jaw forward, as well as preventing the screw from coming apart once 7 mm of maximum elongation is reached.

The lower wings, one right and one left, are anatomically shaped for superior comfort and perfect matching with the 70° angulated body of the upper screws.
The clear material is fully compatible with any orthodontic acrylic resin, while the inner metallic frame can be anatomically adapted and incorporated into the resin of the lower splint, to ensure superior strength for the mandibular advancement in adult patients.


Each upper screw has an arrow clearly laser marked on metal front body, indicating a
single direction of activation to get the forward movement. The screws, both left and right, are specific manufactured to get a single direction of activation on both sides and minimize errors.
Each directional activation generates 0.1 mm advancement.

This time-saving Kit includes all the necessary components for a fast and more precise construction of the most widely used anti-snoring appliances.
Kit includes 1 upper right screw and 1 upper left screw, 1 right lower wing and 1 left lower wing with inner steel frame.
For the assembly of 1 anti-snoring appliance.
Kit includes 10 upper right screws and 10 upper left screws, 10 right lower wings and 10 left lower wings with inner steel frame.
For the assembly of 10 anti-snoring appliances.


SKU: A5300-07
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