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Justi Kind®
Decidious Plastic Teeth
The Justi Kind tooth line is the solution to the problem of empty spaces caused by early loss of deciduous teeth. Made of a copolymer cross-linked resin, these teeth have been studied and developed by orthodontic specialists as a simplified alternative to orthodontic appliances. The ideal use for these teeth is as a space maintainer to ensure a correct line of teeth where both articulation and aesthetics are concerned. Available in single-mold upper and lower anteriors and upper and lower posteriors they are mounted on plastic blocks in two shades: 59 milk white and 61 yellow-straw white.

Justi Kind

SKU: 083-21xxxx
  • Justi Hardened Plastic Teeth comply with ANSI/ADA Specification #15, published in 2008, identical to adoption of ISO #22112:2005.

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