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The plug and tube components are manufactured by using biocompatible stainless steel with the highest strength available providing durability to any biomechanical stress.

The plug component features a special mushroom design that prevents the tube from disengaging once the patient is in mouth wide open position.



The housing components are designed to be embedded in the acrylic splint: featuring a laser welded wire throughout that can be easily bent to enhance the resin retention and avoid unwanted detachment. The outer part presents a main screw to accommodate the connection screws binding the ends of the hinges.

The multi-purpose tool can be used as screwdriver or a wrench to tighten the square head screws into the housing.


The plug has an inner advancer screw that can be activated by using the wrench in the direction indicated by the laser marked

arrow: each ¼ activation produces 0.1 mm advancement. The maximum elongation is 7mm on both sides.

M.A.D Telescopic Advancer

SKU: A5100-07
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