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Perfect Orthodontic Performance. The innovative and biomechanical orthodonticexpansion screw*

• Made of stainless steel and biomedical techno polymer.

• The male screw is not in contact with the orthodontic acrylic resin: the function of the screw will not be influenced by the quality ofthe technical procedure and a non-compliant curing time.

• Continuous expansion movement: the high pressure injection of the polymer allows the perfect copy of the male thread of the screwthus ensuring a steady expansion transmission without the risk of undesired turning back in the mouth.

• The self-centering rectangular guides ensure a biomechanical and absolutely controlled symmetrical expansion.

• The flat shape of the guides and their flexibility allow the gradual release of the expansion with a physiological orthodontic movement.

• The flexibility of the screw allows the adjustments of any dental regress due to inconsistent use of the appliance by the patient, thusbeing very effective with holding devices following a rapid expansion treatment.

• The high adaptability of the appliance enables a comfortable application in the mouth in the days following re-activation. Yellow


SKU: A4800-12G
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