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Leone offers a wide selection of D.B. brackets with all the options for traditional techniques.
Standard metal brackets are brazed with a special palladium base alloy to 80 gauge mesh sintered pads to assure high bond strength to the tooth with any kind of adhesive.
Bonding pads are anatomically contoured for a perfect fit to the tooth.
Brackets with hook are manufactured with MIM® (Metal Injection Moulding) technique which Leone is a leader of.
All the other types of standard metal brackets are manufactured from stainless steel profiles medical degree by means of computer aided machines.
Smooth and rounded contours to guarantee the maximum comfort for the patient and to facilitate the elimination of the plaque.
The pre adjusted brackets feature a distal-gingival identification dot to simplify the application in the mouth.
All Leone brackets are supplied in pleasant and ergonomic packages.

Super Edgewise system with vertical slot

SKU: F2082-xx
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