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Now the new CAD-CAM Expander Series
designed for a fully digital workflow.

3DLEONE DESIGNER is the first software based on an easy and driven workflow for the digital design of customized framework to be coupled with our innovative CAD-CAM expanders.
Based on our experience with many different software in the dental field and due to the increased customer requests, Leone has made out an innovative and intuitive software that allows to design, not only bands and supports, but also the expander arms, and can automatically place the expander also in the right position, in very short time and independently from the digital skills.
3DLEONE DESIGNER software allows to upload and manage the .STL files of both upper and lower arches, obtained from a laboratory scanner or directly from an intra-oral scanner, and it has already in library all the range of Leone’s
CAD-CAM expanders available.
Once the digital driven workflow is completed, thanks to an innovative technology called Selective Laser Melting, the designed .STL file will become, a high precision sintered framework and will be coupled perfectly with the chosen Leone CAD-CAM expander. Then the framework and the expander will be permanently laser welded.
For further information on 3DLEONE DESIGNER software visit

3D CAD-CAM Expander Series

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